On November 24, during tenth period, Turpin will be hosting the third annual Fun With 911 basketball game. The game will be played between a select group of seniors and the police and fire departments of Hamilton County and Anderson Township. The goal of this event is to give thanks to our local first responders, by donating all the money raised by this event to them.


Back in October, 15 Turpin students were selected to attend the Anthony Munoz Foundation Youth Leadership Seminar down at the Cintas Center. “Now Trending” was the theme of the meeting. The idea was how to get positive trends to start or continue to happen and get rid of bad ones. At the end of the seminar, former Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle Anthony Munoz gave the teens the challenge to find a way to give back to their community.  Turpin’s idea was Fun With 911, which gives thanks to the fire and police departments for all they do.


For the past month, the 15 Turpin students, who include Seniors Ahna Zorn, Andrej Novakovic, Meredith Minnich, Mikayla Colwell, Palmer Reynolds, and Elle Peters; Juniors Adam Cameron, Grace Hamilton, Luke Bailey, Al Fehrenbach, and Sharadyn Ille; Sophomores Jake Silverstein and Andrea Gatje; and Freshman Sam Bush and Nick Antoniades have been collecting donations from local business and sponsors for the event.


Novakovic said, “we have been working very hard to make this event the best it’s ever been. We are really excited to give back to our first responders in a fun way for high school students to enjoy as well.”


There will be many gifts on raffle for the students attending the event. Gifts include gift cards to local restaurants and a three-month family membership to Mercy Health Plex. The Chick-Fil-A cow will also be in attendance, along with the top two grades at Mercer who raise the most money to donate to the fire and police.


Tickets will go on sale in the cafeteria starting Wednesday November 18. Tickets on Wednesday through Friday will be two dollars.  The following week, on Monday and Tuesday, the tickets will be bumped up to three dollars. This is to help promote the students from not waiting to buy their tickets, according to the students organizing the event. If you don’t buy a ticket, you will have to go to a mandatory study hall during tenth period.


The senior team that will be playing will be coached by seniors Brad Herndon and Brandon Holladay. The players are seniors Luke Gonos, Sophie Armor, Frankie Brockman, Bryan Steller, Miranda Stricker, Alex Aldridge, Sydney Cosby, Mike Haney, Caroline Mink, and Sophie Manaster.


If you or someone you know would like to donate, they can make a check out to Turpin High School and give it to Health teacher Larry Chialastri.


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