This 2015 football season has been a great one for the Turpin Spartans. The team finished the season 10-2 ultimately losing to Kings in the second round with a score of 47-13. While their season ended with a loss, let’s take a look back some of the amazing games the Spartans had.

The Spartan defense shined this year, with 21 combined sacks and 17 combined interceptions, averaging more than one of each per game. While the defense was holding down the opponent’s score to an average just over 15, the offense dominated with their quarterback Senior Bennie Stoll, gaining over 2,000 yards in the air and the starting running back Junior Luke Bohenek, having over 1,600 yards to his name. The Spartans had 44 touchdowns between the air and the ground, and that stat is what got Turpin its 10 wins.

Head Coach John Stoll answered some questions about the season, and gave some insider knowledge on how he felt about their final game and the season in total. When asked about some of the greatest moments of the season he responded, “comeback vs Kings game 4. Down by 10 in the fourth quarter and putting together two key drives and two key stops to win.”

Coach Stoll also shared information about some of the surprise players that took the league by storm. “ Luke Bohenek and Bennie Stoll had incredible years – but the offensive surprise player had to be Sophomore Jake Silverstein.”

Next he was asked about their last game in the playoffs against Kings. When asked if he believed they found a hole in the Turpin defense and exploited it, he said, “ [I’m] not sure they found weak spots as much as they utilized their size advantage better this time.” He related the game to their early season win against Kings in week four.

The Spartans had an amazing season, and the school couldn’t be more proud about their football team. Coach Stoll and the entire football team have high expectations for themselves, and every student at Turpin High School hopes they can repeat this fabulous season next year, building upon the work of this years team and gaining even more offensive yards.

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