St. Jude is a children’s research hospital who helps care and find cures for children with varying kinds of cancer and other disorders. They are headquartered in Memphis, but help children all over the world. Danny Thomas is the founder of St. Jude, whose name comes from the patron saint of hopeless causes, St. Jude Thaddeus. Thomas vowed to have a shrine built in his name, which became the St. Jude Research Hospital in 1962.


St. Jude’s mission is finding cures and saving children. You can help in many ways, from participating in fundraisers to simply donating your leftover change. You’d be surprised how much the smallest things can help. You can find many ways to help here: https://www.stjude.org/give.html  


I was recently at the mall doing some Christmas shopping with my grandma, and the cashier asked if we wanted to donate our change to a little girl who was being treated at St. Jude. We gave a few dollars and this simple act can do a lot. If everyone donated a little, we could all help save this precious girl’s life. Even the smallest things like sending a sweet card could brighten their day and make them smile.


There are so many good people in this world. Hayli, a young girl who was a patient at St. Jude, received bone marrow from an incredible woman, April,  that saved her life. Hayli beat the cancer and walked down the aisle at April’s wedding a couple years later; happier than ever. What St. Jude does for the children and their families is incredible, and they wouldn’t be able to do so without the kind people in this world.


Senior Cameron Bien said, “Saint Jude’s is great! Now I’ve never been there before but I know about what they do. Most hospitals help people and children, sure, and I’m not saying they do a bad job at all at it. But Saint Jude, they actually seem like they truly have a want, a need to help children’s problems. People now are greedy and the worst thing is, they run the world. Too many powerful people want materialistic things and look down on those less fortunate. But Saint Jude’s saves the lives of who we all truly care about, our children. They have saved millions of people and have done it in a gracious and selfless way. I respect anyone with a kind heart and good spirit. Anyone who gives whatever they can to help those that grow around them. Saint Jude’s does that beautifully and should have more than what they have for their constant service to our community.”


Many great people have donated and helped save lives at St. Jude, and you can too. Cancer and other life threatening conditions has affected millions of people. St. Jude is wonderful thing that has helped many children and families.

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