On Saturday, December 8, just after 9 a.m. a car jumped the curb and hit 57-year-old Catherine Chatfield. Lillie Ann Smith-Knox said she heard a loud bang from outside her house, and ran outside to see Chatfield on the ground. Smith-Knox felt a faint pulse and tried to perform CPR while waiting for paramedics. However, Chatfield was already dead by the time Smith-Knox found her.

December 6 was the date of the Seven Hills run through Cincinnati. The run takes participants through Mount Adams, Mount Auburn, Clifton, Fairview, North and South Fairmont and Price Hill. This takes runners through many parts of Cincinnati.

Chatfield had just joined her running group this year, run by Joe Fung, and is remembered as a kind person. Fung said Cathfield was one of the first runners of the race, and had just taken a short water break and was talking to Fung. After starting onto the next hill, the car jumped and crashed into her. The suspect then took the license plate and ran, police reported the driver as a black man in his twenties.  The event isn’t very big, although has been going on for many years, and there weren’t ever many safety concerns.

Fung said that Chatfield was a very experienced runner, and had taken all of the necessary precautions. This makes him even more mad because in his eyes, “the whole tragic aspect of this and the callousness of that person just makes you mad.”

House of Run N Tri will host a ceremonial, four mile run at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday December 15 in Chatfield’s honor. They invite anyone to attend.

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