During this school year a lot of changes have occurred for everyone.There are new faculty members, and students as well as graduating students are taking this year by the storm.  One big change that has happened is our new Principal, Mr. Spencer. He was formerly known as the Vice Principal of Turpin, he has taken on a new role this year. While this is a big change for Turpin, is confident with his new position.

Transitioning from the Vice Principal to the Principal of a school is a big difference. When Mr. Spencer was asked what the biggest difference was for him, he stated that, “there is more responsibility and a heavier workload.”  He also said, “The trust that has been built with the staff as well as students made the transition easier than it would be starting at a new school.” Mr. Spencer went on to say: “The relationship with students hasn’t changed due to his new position due to the trust that has already been established.”

Students and teachers alike also seem to be content with Mr. Spencer being the principal. When Junior Alex Fehrenbach, asked his opinion about Spencer being the new principal he responded with, “Mr. Spencer is a wonderful new principal.”

A positive response also came from teachers. Math teacher Mr. Shea,  was also asked his opinion about Mr. Spencer being the principal of Turpin, and he responded with, “I think Mr. Spencer is great guy. He knows what he’s doing, and already has worked here for quite some time so he knows the ins and outs of Turpin.”

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