One of the most common domains of health that we are taught to focus on is our physical health, which is eating right, exercising, etc. However, what about the other domains of health? Well, that’s what mental health week is dedicated to, focusing on the social and emotional aspects of a person’s well being.

With the stress of exams next week, it’s good for students to be aware of the purpose of this week, and educate themselves on how to distress and relax. This also is a great opportunity for students to become more aware of how to be healthy in a social aspect, which is to be able to grow interpersonal relationships with others and adapt to social situations. This also raises awareness of how to increase emotional well being which is to be able to function in society and recover from illness.

Sophomore Seth Patton said, “I think that mental health week needs to be a bigger deal and acknowledged by more people because a lot of people struggle with mental health. Balancing school and home life and everything is extremely difficult and all sometimes the stress can really have a bad effect on people. I think more people need to praise happiness and kindness so people can enjoy their life more. If more people could simply be kind to others it would solve so many problems. Not just with mental health but with the world.”

Mental health week is something that is very important because it raises awareness of the social and emotional aspect of health. With exams coming up next week, it’s crucial for student’s to be able to focus on mental health. This week helps people become more aware of how to grow emotionally and socially.

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