On January 17, Turpin High School’s girls basketball team played Milford for the Game of  Hope. This game is special for a girl who died last April, Lauren Hill. The proceeds from this game went to the funding of  DIPG, a rare and terminal brain cancer. At this game they sold special t-shirts, ribbons, a basketball raffle, and a split the pot. Along with some events such as pregame recognition for other survivors and fighters, a layup challenge . Even though Lauren passed, we beat her goal together, and the city of Cincinnati has raised $2.2 million for awareness and treatment for DIPG.


Turpin fought a close game and came out on top with a score of 49-42. Senior Guard Kristin Mills scored nearly half the team’s points with 21! Seven of those came in the first quarter where the Turpin team scored just nine points. And they needed every point they had, with the longest point difference of seven the entire game.


This snapped Milford’s seven game win streak and with this win, Turpin has now taken a secure hold of second place in the ECC and a season record of 10-3 total. They were 5-3 in conference at the time, but as of January 27, they are 14-4. With a 8-3 record in conference, they are still three wins behind Glen Este, who hosts a perfect 11-0 in conference, and  17-1 outside of conference.
While Turpin’s girls team isn’t in first, they are definitely within range of taking the spot. Turpin sports have been on a roll this year, and every student and faculty member want to keep it up.

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