Among the multiple privileges you are allowed as a senior, one of them is your ability to choose what English courses to take your final year. Senior year English classes are focused solely on speech and expository writing. Writing is the main focus first semester, and speech is the focus second semester.

I know you can’t choose to opt out of taking a speech or writing class, but as a senior you can choose the types of genre you would like to read about in the second part of the semester. There is Non-Fiction, Mystery and Horror, Humor and Satire, Love and Relationships, Fantasy, Vietnam, and my favorite: Banned Books.

I decided to take Non-Fiction my first semester and banned books my second. I know we’re only a week or so into second semester, but I highly recommend every junior to take Banned Books next year (unless they are taking AP Literature).

Banned Books is a class that is focused on reading books that were banned from schools in the past or in the present.

I am not a huge reader; I don’t prefer to cuddle up with a book on a Saturday night and point out all of the literary details and meanings behind words, but Banned Books has changed my outlook on reading.

It may be the fact that we are reading books that can be labeled inappropriate or scandalous and maybe that is why I enjoy reading them so much, but for the first time in a long time, I actually finished a book cover-to-cover in less than three days.

The books we read in Banned Books are relatable in some ways to our society and I think that is why it intrigued me so much. In school, we read these books about history and the story of other people but it rarely ties into what is going on in our society today.

The books we read in Banned Books are attention-grabbers and make you want to keep turning the page. They aren’t like the standard books we read in a classroom.

These books also lead to very good discussions and force you to think deeper into the lives of the characters and what they were going through at that time and how it ties into our society.

Banned Books has really opened my eyes to a new genre of books that interest me and I hope you can experience that too.


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