It’s finally February and not even two weeks away is Valentine’s Day. February 14 is the day to appreciate your loved ones and have a great excuse to buy tons of candy. At Turpin, you can purchase candy grams to send to your friends or a special someone. The grams will be sold around the week before Valentine’s Day at lunch.

The history of Valentine’s Day starts with St. Valentine. He was a priest in ancient Rome and often married young couples. Emperor Claudius II came to the conclusion that young, single men were better for war so he then outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine thought this was ridiculous and unjust so he continued to marry young couples in secret. Soon, Claudius discovered the secret ceremonies and ordered Valentine to death. Valentine’s Day was a day that originally honored St. Valentine.

Freshman Kayla Combs said, “Valentine’s Day is one of those days where you can buy tons of candy and then have your boyfriend take you somewhere nice. It’s a fun day if you look at it in a positive way.”

Valentine’s Day is generally a day to do something special for the ones you love. Going out to dinner or buying chocolates and stuffed teddy bears. Most stores already have their shelves stocked for the romantic day and not to mention all the candy that will go on sale afterwards. At school, you can buy your friends or special someone a candy gram to show your appreciation for them.

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