With the infamous college application coming all too soon, it is more important than ever to remain active in extracurricular activities. Universities across the United States are becoming more and more competitive and look for students who express leadership and commitment throughout their community.

A few of Turpin’s best leadership opportunities include Camp Kern Counseling, Future Educators of America (FEA), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Link Crew, Key Club, National Honors Society, Peer Counseling, Peer Tutoring, Robotics, and of course, Student Council.

These clubs are comprised of Turpin’s most elite students, and therefore may  require teacher recommendation letters and advanced application processes just to be a member. Turpin’s clubs and activities are known for building character and making everyone feel involved. They demonstrate academic ability, leadership, teamwork, and cooperation — all things colleges look for.

The coolest part about these extracurriculars is that they allow students to explore their creative realm. Anyone can start their own club once approved by the main office as long as they have a teacher supervisor to accompany them. This year students have started language clubs, the Ping Pong Club, and the Self-Kindness Club just to name a few. Being able to turn a passion into an organized group and motivate people to join in every week is something really special, and is not overlooked by anyone.

Turpin Senior and Robotics Team Member Craig Gorney said, “It’s been really special being a part of Turpin Robotics this year. Everyone gets to work as a team by contributing ideas and seeing them come to life. It’s been really cool to see our hard work pay off as we made it to the finals at our last competition in Dayton”.

Staying involved in activities is the part of high school that everyone remembers. In ten years, the fact that tangent equals sine over cosine won’t be even remotely relevant, but the memories that come with doing something fun with friends to benefit both career and educational paths will stick forever.

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