From February 11th through February 14th the Turpin Band played in a parade through Magic Kingdom, then got to hang out for a few days, during their downtime they got to kick back, relax, and hang out with friends away from the cold and bitter winter in Cincinnati.


The most important part of this trip was the parade through Magic Kingdom. The parade began at 10 a.m. and only went on for about an hour. While it sounds  like that would be everyone’s favorite part, sources like Sophomore Ryan Zink said, “the parade was about 10 minutes long, that was on the second day, the days before and after we could do whatever we wanted?”


Many students involved had fun with their options. Sophomore Kit Linger said, “my favorite part was going to the Animal Kingdom and seeing the cool animals in the safari. The weather was pretty awesome too and we got to miss school. Walking in the parade and marching through Magic Kingdom was fun and I got to see things I wouldn’t normally see during a parade.”


While the drive was a horrible 14 hours there and back, both the students and faculty would love to do it again.But, it only occurs every four years, because of budgeting reasons, so each student can only go once. They had a great time and no one missed the days of school they missed. It’s nice that these students got to enjoy themselves during a time of cold snow and bitter wind.

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