Valentine’s Day. To some, this means getting dressed up, going to dinner with the boyfriend or girlfriend, and giving each other presents. To others, it means staying at home with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, The Notebook, and the cat. Whichever end of the Valentine’s Day spectrum you were on, it is a day that is enjoyed by many people each year.

The students here at Turpin High School spent Valentine’s Day doing many different things. Junior Lauren Wiesman went out to dinner with her boyfriend of two years, Junior Jake Trauth. They went to Carrabba’s and had a great time. “It wasn’t super fancy but that’s what I liked about it. We can go somewhere kind of casual and still have fun being with each other,” Wiesman said.

Some people spent Valentine’s Day with their families, like Junior Camryn Mort. “I went to Montgomery Inn with my mom, dad and sister. The weather was kind of bad so it was a hassle getting to the restaurant, but it was really fun once we got there.” Mort often goes to dinner with her family on Valentine’s Day as a tradition.

Senior Mackenzie Maddy spent Valentine’s Day with her friends. “We all just hung out at my house. It was really fun because spending time with my friends is something I really like doing.” Many people like Maddy hung out with their friends on Valentine’s Day, as they do every year.
No matter what plans people had for Valentine’s Day, it was a day well spent. Also, the day after Valentine’s Day, chocolate is 70 percent off, so everyone wins! All in all, it’s really nice that there’s a single day out of the year dedicated to showing someone-whether it’s your love, your bud, your mom or your cat-how much you love them.

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