In today’s society, body image is a big deal. There are celebrities with perfect bodies and perfectly structured faces. A lot of young girls, and even guys, aspire to have a certain body type, whether it to be really skinny or curvy or tall or muscular. In extreme cases, people could go as far as developing an eating disorder or using steroids and other body shaping drugs. This has become a big problem in today’s society.

Recently, many companies and big fashion industries have started embracing the curvy women. From releasing plus size clothing to creating ads and PSA’s, there’s even a full figure Barbie. Not to mention the raps that talk about women having a curvy shape; Nicki Minaj’s song, Anaconda, received much controversy. In this song, she was basically “dissing” skinny women and praising women with curves. I’ve seen many posts on my own Facebook feed that puts down skinny women and says that they’re not “real” women. Now, it’s almost a bad thing to be skinny without curves.

I love that this society is embracing curves and plus-size women, but at the same time, it’s starting to shame curveless women. Both body types should be displayed as sexy and wonderful. Fashion industries of course still use very tall and sleek women, but in reality, people are aiming to be more curvy. Take the Kardashian family for example, they’re all very curvy women and most people aspire to look like them. From using waist trainers to getting implants.

Our society should embrace both body types in healthy way, but you should always know that you’re beautiful despite what society may tell you. There’s always going to be some type of trend, but that’s doesn’t mean you’re any less of a person if you don’t follow. Instead of praising a certain body type, we should just teach everyone to not care and to love him or herself for who they are.

Not many people pay attention to what guys may feel when it comes to body image. Many young girls love a tall guy with abs and some muscle. About ten million men in today’s world suffer from an eating disorder. On TV shows and in movies there’s always a handsome guy that all the girls swoon over. Some guys compare themselves and strive to have the “perfect” body. While society is embracing curvy women, they should embrace bigger men too.  

Freshman Kayla Combs said, “I think every body type should be embraced. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.”
Everyone is beautiful in their own way and should know that. Body image is a big deal, we need to teach young kids to love themselves for who they are. Society is always going to demand something different, but that doesn’t mean you should listen and follow.

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