Congratulations Super Bowl MVP Von Miller and the Denver Broncos, for winning Super Bowl 50. With the number one defense in the NFL, and having 13 sacks in the payoffs with only one throwing touchdown, your defense surely deserves this victory. You got on every team in the NFL, and played the same way in the biggest game for many players’ careers.


The Denver Broncos crushed the Carolina Panthers. I understand it wasn’t actually that big of a score differential, with the Broncos only winning by two touchdowns, but it felt like a big win. The Broncos defensive line with outside linebackers Demarcus Ware and Von Miller, and defensive tackle Derek Wolfe, made the Panther’s offense line look like paper. With all of the bends forced by Ware and Miller, Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton could do nothing to stop the constant onslaught of the defense.


No one can even really blame the Panther’s O-line. With doing the same thing to the Steelers and Patriots, plus whoever else they played this season, it was nothing new. With Miller pushing through on the right side, Ware on the left, and Wolfe in the middle, Newton could not go anywhere without meeting a Bronco player. Newton’s main tool is his arm, like most quarterbacks, but his feet are also a good weapon. At 6’5” and 245 lbs, Newton is the human equivalent of a tank, and that tank was recorded at running up to 20 mph this season. But when he can’t run five mph except backwards, his feet are little more than useless.


He can be a scary man when you let him outside of the pocket, the area between the right tackle and left tackle where the quarterback is most protected, but the Broncos didn’t worry. With only a couple of lapses in assignments, the Broncos always had someone on  Newton watch, and he rarely got seconds alone. And while managing Newton very well, their corners still caught up and defended the receivers. It helps the defense when the Panthers receivers dropped several easy to catch passes. Other than the Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart, there were no good stories for the Panthers; and even he only managed a touchdown with 12 rushes for only 29 yards.
This was a good year of football with many teams that were in the talk for undefeated, several teams that deserved to be in the playoffs, and an exciting postseason. The 2015 year of football with go down, not only as the halfway mark to a century of football, but as one of the most electrifying seasons in recent memory.

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