On my first day of preschool, the one memory that stands out the most for me is being absolutely terrified that people were going to be mean to me, or even worse,  bully me. Even 13 years later, that fear is still in the back of my mind, and it is a massive problem.


On Friday, I was sitting at my lunch table and talking with all of my friends. Then, a girl who I didn’t know sat down. My friends and I all greeted her with a cheerful hi, and asked her how she was.


She seemed a little taken aback. She said that she didn’t expect us to be nice, and told us that it was a culture shock that we were. She said thank you, got up, and went to sit at a different table.


I, too, was a little shocked. I didn’t expect you guys to be nice. The phrase ran through my head all day, and it broke my heart. I don’t want anyone feeling that way. I don’t want anyone to have the fear of being bullied everyday. I want everyone to be able to come to school and feel loved.


Sophomore Libby Jonas, the girl who came to my lunch table, has voiced her opinion to me about people being kind. “I think fear about talking to someone ‘lame’ or someone who will drag down your rep is a lot of the reason people are mean. I think people just need to chill out, and realize that we are all humans, and everyone deserves to feel loved and to be treated with kindness,” Jonas said.


I agree  one hundred and fifty percent with Jonas. People, especially high schoolers, worry too much about status quo and not being “popular enough.” And that needs to stop. Instead of worrying about being “cool” or not, people need to start worrying about how they’re making people feel, and if making that mean comment is really necessary.


I hope that one day, Turpin High School is able to be a bully-free school. And the only way that can be accomplished is if people just stop being so mean. That’s all that it takes. People, stop being mean, and start being nice. This way, everyone at Turpin can feel loved, and will have no worries when they start their school day.

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