The end of the year is quickly approaching, meaning that students have to start scheduling their classes for next year. One of the benefits of students being able to choose their own classes is that they get to choose what electives they want, based on what Turpin offers. While there are certain requirements, this allows students to have some say in what classes they participate in.

The list of  electives students get to take is extensive. There are many classes get to choose from, like Personal Finance, Creative Writing, Theatre, Drawing and Painting, and Cooking. There are some electives that students are required to take in order to graduate which is a Financial Literacy course, as well as Health, and P.E. However, once students get those courses out of the way, they have free rein as to what they choose what electives they want to take. Students also have the opportunity to take a foreign language, students can choose between Spanish, Latin, and Mandarin. While taking a foreign language isn’t a requirement, it looks good on college applications, and it is a requirement if students want to graduate with an honors diploma. This list of choices allows students to choose some classes that they will enjoy, and could even be considered a ‘break’ during their school day as well as provides an opportunity to challenge themselves, and meet certain goals they have set for themselves.

Sophomore Libby Jonas said, “I am excited to take Euro and creative writing. I love history and I’ve been excited for Euro since freshman year! Also, I need to get back into writing since I’ve fallen behind a lot.”

Since students have the opportunity of choosing the classes they want, they can have at least a little something to potentially look forward to attending throughout their school day. With the electives that are provided, students have the chance to find something that they will like and get to do for next year.

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