Recently at Turpin High School, seniors and juniors applied to join the Turpin Chapter of the National Honor Society.

National Honor Society looks for the student who displays scholarship, leadership, character and service. To be a part of the organization, the student must maintain a 3.5 grade point average. Students interested in joining were required to fill out an application for acceptance into the club. The application consisted of personal data, a student activity information form, a two-page personal essay, and a teacher recommendation.

The student activity information form asked what co-circular activities, leadership roles, recognition or awards received, and community service.

In the two-page personal essay, students were asked to give two examples that demonstrated leadership, character, service, or scholarship.

The Turpin Chapter this year didn’t take as many members in the following years, and many students are frustrated with this fact. Some students who seem to fit the ideal candidate of the National Honor Society were not accepted; surprising many people. Others who seemed less qualified were accepted; angering students who have worked hard throughout high school wishing to eventually be recognized. Some kids who got in had lower grades and hadn’t participated in as much volunteer work as students who didn’t make the cut. This is still puzzling many people why this has happened. It’s rumored that teachers were asked how the students behaved in class; ultimately determining their acceptance.

New National Honor Society member, Junior Nate Hooper said, “I’m excited to be a part of this club. It is truly an honor. I’ve worked hard in school and in the community to become a better person. It’s nice to be recognized for my work.”

On Monday, February 29, the National Honor Society will be holding their induction ceremony. The ceremony will take place in the Turpin Auditorium at 7:00. Current members will swear in the new members by passing on the flame from their candle to the inductee’s candle. All family and friends are welcome to attend. Immediately following the ceremony there will be a reception in the cafeteria with food and drinks.

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