Remember the OGT’s? Remember the PARCC Testing? Well scrap that because Ohio has decided to make things even more complicated with the AIR Tests.

Recently Ohio has decided that they will give students the opportunity to earn credit for each of the given topics: Math I and II, English 9 and 10, Biology, US History and Government. Students who have already taken the required classes that are still in grades nine and ten will either be given a flat three score instead of taking the test, which is passing, or the required points for graduation will be lowered for students and the class will be discarded, but how should we know… It’s not like we are the people taking the tests or anything.

Sophomore Sydney King said,  “I really have not heard anything about it the only thing I know is that it is supposedly easier than the PARCC test.”

The state has really botched it, with very poor spreading of information to not only students, but also to schools as well. It’s not like the people taking the test should know much about it or anything? The lack of knowledge given by the state is quite appalling, which is very frustrating for people who actually want to know what their future looks like.

Remember those PARCC tests you took last year Sophomores? Yeah guess what, those actually counted. Remember how they said do not worry, you guys are the guinea pigs? Well that test that many found to be difficult just counted for graduation credit. They thought that test was so poor that the states decided to scrap it. So why should it count for us? All of this is part of the confusion.

PARCC tests that were taken last year WILL count towards the graduation requirements. This year forward, students will take the PARCC Tests in order to graduate in the classes listed above. With all of the confusion we can only hope that things become more clear.

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