One of the things many people in high school look forward to is prom; a night where juniors and seniors get to dress up, go out with friends and/or a date, get on the dance floor, and attend After Prom.  With this exciting event coming up on April 30, and after prom going into May 1, students are already preparing for this amazing night.

Junior Lyndsey Wheeler said, “I’ve been looking at dresses online, and have found a few that I like, but I want to go to a store soon to get the full experience of dress shopping. I’m getting my hair done by my Aunt, and my friend is doing my make up.”

While prom is a fun event, it can be a bit pricey. Some ways students can save money when it comes to shopping for shoes or dresses is going to places like Dillard’s Outlet, where students can get a very inexpensive dress. Students can also shop there for shoes, or the shop for shoes at the clearance section at DSW. There is also a store called Charming Charlie’s, where girls can get their jewelry for a good price. Having shopped at these stores myself when I attended prom last year, I can attest that these stores provide great deals, and I got all of my prom attire for an incredible price. I save money, and have a great time.

Prom is quickly approaching and students are starting to get ready for this fantastic event. With great deals on prom attire, allowing students to save some money, and getting to have a great time with friends and their dates, Turpin’s 2016 Prom will be phenomenal.

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