A topic of controversy is the second amendment: the right to bear arms. Many may disagree, but I strongly believe in the second amendment. We need the ability to defend ourselves and stand strong as individuals.

There have been many debates over whether the second amendment is still applicable to today’s world. People argue that it’s outdated and was only intended for farmers who had to hunt to stay alive. They also claim militias are not necessary in today’s society and they couldn’t be more wrong. I have done much research covering this issue, and if people looked deeper instead of believing everything the media portrays, they would see clear evidence that supports the need of the right to bear arms.

Countries who were deprived of guns have been trampled on by their government. A great example is when Chinese citizens were revolting against an issue and the Chinese military took force. The citizens had no way of defending themselves because they’re not permitted to own guns and the Chinese government took complete advantage. Their government brought in tanks and soldiers and the citizens were not able to protest peacefully.

Another example is Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. The Germans were deprived of the right to bear arms and had absolutely no way of defending themselves. If the Jews had methods of defense then maybe millions wouldn’t have been killed and they could have fought back. I’m not saying that this would have definitely have happened considering Hitler’s military force, but they could have had a chance to fight back.

If the colonists didn’t have the right to bear arms then we would not be the United States we know today. Without the militias, we would not have been close to winning the Revolutionary War.

As Americans, we all seem to not think of the possibility of another country invading our nation. This is a possibility, although not likely, but do we ever really know? If this were to happen, we would have an advantage because as citizens, we can fight back and form militias like the colonists.

In England, home invasions have skyrocketed since they were deprived of their right to bear specific guns. In 1996 after the Dublane school massacre, England became very strict on their gun laws. Because of these strict gun laws it’s ten times more likely for a home invasion to occur in England than the United States.

The recent ISIS attacks on France were devastating, but it also proves my point furthermore. France doesn’t allow their citizens to own guns, therefore they had no defense against the terrible people with assault rifles. If people had some sort of defense against the scum who were  killing innocent people, we might have a better chance of not being the victim. Everyone needs to be able to fight back. Don’t tell me we don’t need guns when it’s our only method of defense against the government and others.

Sophomore Mckenzie Wilson said, “I think we should be able to own guns in order to protect ourselves as individuals and as a country.”

Another argument people place upon the second amendment is the devastating shootings that have taken place numerous times across the nation. The thing is, all of the people who committed these awful crimes used guns that were already illegal. They were automatic guns that are made to kill many people at once with one clip.

Also, people kill people; guns do not. People have been killing and committing terrible crimes since the beginning of time. Just because you may take away guns, doesn’t mean it will stop. Outlawing guns would just make the selling of arms on the black market more popular. Outlawing something makes it more popular.

Overall, taking our constitutional right away could possibly make things worse. I could list many more reasons that support my claim, but it would go on and on. The government can’t and should not take away our right to bear arms as citizens.

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