The AP tests are just around the corner, and with  just two months to prepare, it is starting to become crunch time for all who are going to be taking these test. The schedule has already been posted with the dates that every class will take their tests.

Bookstores like Barnes and Noble,  Joseph Beth as well as Amazon all carry study books that have been proven beneficial in the past.. Teachers have expressed that these are good ways to study in each of the AP classes. It is as simple as typing in the subject and finding a book that fits your needs on Amazon. If you go to the bookstores there will usually be a section that contains all study books. If you cannot find the one you are looking for, ask the front desk.

Students who are taking AP US History need to stay away from the old books because of the fact that there is a new format to the test that was introduced last year. Students have been cautioned to not purchase old books simply because they do not fit the correct format of the test.

All classes in the AP category have been advised to study quite a bit for the exam. Classes like AP Euro, Bio, Chem and Calculus had indisputably the hardest exams. Study sessions will begin starting mid April for the majority of the classes.

Sophomore Emily Garner said, “ I do not know what to do for the AP US exam. I am definitely stressed out for it. I am going to need to attend nearly every one of the study sessions to make sure I remember all of the information from the beginning of the year.”
The AP testing is considered the toughest time of the year for many. Test preparation is key to doing good on the exam. Even though it is time consuming, it has been shown that through lots of preparation, students can and should score at least a three, which is passing. Use tools that you can find to reach your full potential score on the exam.

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