On Sunday morning at 2:00 am, clocks advanced to 3:00 am and all lost sleep. Daylight Savings Time (DST) comes around March or April and October or November to mess up people’s clocks and sleep schedules. That’s what it feels like though, but what if I told you it actually has a purpose?


Time change in both seasons was started by farmers in the late 1800’s in order to conserve energy. In that time, and several decades after, very few farmers were lucky enough to have electricity, so they were  in the dark commonly at night. In this time, they couldn’t do much because they had trouble seeing where they were going, and farmers found that to be a major waste of time.


They decided to move the clock forward in the fall so that they woke up at an earlier time with the sun, and got more work done before the winter season where they didn’t grow as much. This was used to increase production and was very useful before the war when they were sending out hundreds of pounds a day. They then moved the clock forward in the summer because there was so much sun, that many could afford to wake up earlier. Most of the world who uses this system still follows that time.


After the world wars, and the improvements in technology, it would appear DST was no longer necessary,, right? Well, for a few years, many thought that. In the 1970s the practice was picked up again because of the energy crisis, and has just sort of stuck since. Some states are trying to stop using it. Arizona for example, has stopped using it completely, and farmers in Idaho ironically hate the time change.


The reason farmers and entire states have stopped using it, is because it’s now completely unnecessary. With the number of farmers and people with electricity, the purpose of making them work in the light is no longer a mission. Everyone has different forms of lights, and the issue of sight is now rarely a problem. Farmers also don’t like it because since the common person uses it, they wake up earlier meaning they go to the store earlier. So the farmer has to send out his crops earlier, so he has to wake up earlier too.


Daylight Savings Time has become almost a tradition in most states in the nation. It was a massive money savior in the world wars and the energy crisis, but since then it has served no significant purpose other than nostalgia. No teenagers and most young adults did not live in a time when they needed DST, and so it has become an impediment to their school careers and their job effectivity. The information presented is full of reasons the time change is outdated, so who’s going to decide we no longer need it?

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