This year has been an unforgettable March Madness and it’s not even over yet. People’s brackets have been busted and not a single perfect bracket remains. The last perfect bracket lasted 26 games and was busted when Stephen F. Austin beat West Virginia in the first round of the tournament.

This year has been filled with tons of upsets. Notable upsets include Stephen F. Austin (#14) over West Virginia (#3), Hawaii (#14) over California (#3), Little Rock (#12) over Purdue (#5), and Yale (#12) over Baylor (#5). The biggest upset however, came in the first round when Middle Tennessee (#15) shocked the world beating tournament favorite Michigan State (#2).

Junior Ben Hemmelgarn said, “I had Michigan State winning my whole bracket, so when I saw that they lost to Middle Tennessee, I was stunned. The first round games weren’t even over yet and my bracket was already busted.”

Syracuse, a team coming into the tournament with a 19-13 record, didn’t look like they would make it far into the tournament. Syracuse shut up their haters and have made it to the Final Four. Syracuse’s famous 2-3 defense has helped them advance in the tournament. Both Syracuse’s mens and womens teams made it to the Final Four in the same year, for the first time in school history.

Oregon also received a lot of hate from college basketball fans for receiving a number one seed in the West Region. Many fans believed that they didn’t deserve it because they are in the PAC-12, which isn’t a strong, powerhouse basketball conference. Oregon played strong in the tournament and showed that they were worthy of that number one seed. Even though they lost to Oklahoma (#2), they gave a strong performance.

March Madness continues this weekend with Villanova (#2) taking on Oklahoma (#2) and North Carolina (#1) going up against Syracuse (#10) on Saturday night. The winners of those games will face off in the National Championship game Monday, April 4 in Houston, Texas.

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