The end of the third quarter is fast approaching and teaches are beginning to finish up grading their students work. Teachers are also working on f what’s ahead for fourth quarter. Students are working to make sure they have the grades they want to get for their classes.

Spanish Teacher Cori Hedrick said, “I am grading any last minute assignments, encouraging students to turn in their missing work, and planning ahead for next quarter, like arranging a new seating chart, and figuring out how much time to spend on each unit so that we cover everything that we need to by the end of the year.”

Sophomore Seth Patton said, “to prepare for the end of the quarter I am studying and making sure I’m ready for any last day tests. I’m doing all my homework early and trying extra hard for the last few days.”

Sophomore  Brittny Barber said, “in order to prepare for the end of the quarter, I plan to make sure that I am passing each class, and to keep everything organized as well as stay on track.”

With the end of third quarter coming so soon, the start of fourth quarter will begin on Monday, and it’s a very important part of the year being that state tests will occur as well as final exams. Also, Turpin’s Seniors will graduate and most will continue on to college.

With the quarter coming to an end, students are working very hard to make sure they are prepared and that all assignments are completed and turned in. Teachers are working on grading any last minute assignments and tests as well as preparing to the new quarter.  Both students and teachers are working hard to make third quarter successful. Also, with fourth quarter beginning, teachers are preparing and planning for what will occur during this final part of the year.

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