The Anderson Towne Center has undergone many projects to revamp the businesses around it.

This year so far, two new restaurants have been added to the center: Top This Donut Bar and Pieology Pizzeria. Both restaurants prepare your food in the same fashion. You place your order and then tell them what toppings to add as you go down the line. It is very similar to that of a burrito line.

The Towne Center right now is under some pretty heavy construction. Kroger has added parking, Macy’s is expanding, and T.G.I Friday’s and Kmart are gone.  However the biggest and most anticipated project is the new movie theater. This project has been talked about for years as to whether it would happen or not. This time, the talk is real. The movie theater will be a dine-in experience with nine screens.

Freshman Quinn Phillips said, “I’m excited for the movie theater to open up. It will be nicer not having to drive to Newport or Milford to see a movie.”

Carmike Cinemas Inc., a company out of Columbus, Georgia, plans to open its doors this summer. They have filed for a permit to serve alcoholic beverages till 2:30 a.m.

Kroger is the other big project for the shopping center. Kroger is expanding to form a new Kroger Marketplace. A Kroger Marketplace is meant to be a one-stop shop for all your basic home needs. It can be compared to a Walmart or Meijer. Kroger has already expanded their parking lot for this larger store renovation.

Many more projects may come in the future for the Anderson Towne Center, depending on how successful the businesses do around it.

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