Camp Kern. We all have memories of the muddy clothes, cool counselors and some funky food. Students will soon retake the grounds and continue their journey through the woods. May their stomachs rest in peace due to the food that they will devour while they are in attendance of the camp.

Campers will have their eyes on the prize at each and every gaga ball game, where they will compete with schools from all over the district in conquest of the pride that comes along with victory in the pit. There will be bloody knuckles from the almighty gaga pit, but no worries, there is always a band-aid near by.

“I am really excited to go this year. I am going to miss my mom for awhile. I am not really going to miss my brother though,” said Wilson Fifth Grader Gavin Papes.

There will be mice a-stirrin’ above the heads of the campers, so do not be surprised when you get a tap on the shoulder in the middle of the night. Counselors are going to have to get used to the midnight wake up calls for little Timmy to go to the bathroom. Before you know, it will be time for breakfast and you got just over two hours of sleep.

Sophomore John McGuire said, “Camp was fun in a sense, but I could not stand how dirty I was by the end. It was wet and cold for sure.”

Guaranteed that there will be cheers and tears and don’t forget the occasional sick kid. Maybe you will be the lucky one cleaning up some fifth grader upchuck. It will surely be a fun time.

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