I just love waking up for school and putting on layers because it’s so cold outside! I especially love this when it’s April! I wake up every morning thinking “Wow, I am SO excited to walk from my car to school in freezing weather, and then when I walk back to my car after school, I start sweating profusely because it magically got really hot!” Cincinnati weather is awesome.

Thinking back to Christmas time, everything was how it should be. Christmas songs were playing, people were buying presents, and it really felt like Christmas-minus the fact that it was 70 degrees. Yes, that’s right, it was a shocking 72 degrees on Christmas Day. However, I didn’t hear much complaining. I mean who doesn’t love drinking some eggnog and then getting a suntan?

It’s like the earth suddenly decided that the seasons should flip, because here we are in April, with the occasional dusting of snow and the average temperature for the week at a high of 40 degrees. Unlike Christmas time, people are definitely complaining about the unexpected weather. Junior Carly Motzer hates this weather. “It’s the beginning of April and it’s already snowed twice. That’s all I have to say about that.” Many people share the feelings of Motzer, and think that this cold weather in the spring needs to go.
In my opinion, the fact that I have to defrost my windows in the middle of April is ridiculous. When I got back from spring break, I was so excited for the weather to finally be warm here in Cincinnati, only to be blindsided by the blistering cold I encountered when I got off of my plane.

Cincinnati needs to make up its mind. The constant changing of warm weather to cold weather is just making me dizzy and needs to stay one or the other–preferably warm.

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