With all sorts of new additions, Anderson Township is really making a name for itself. One of the hottest new restaurants on the block, Pieology, has had a line out the door since opening last Tuesday, April 5.

When walking into Pieology for the first time, I couldn’t help but notice how modern and “hipster-esque”  everything looked — it was refreshing. The simple black and white theme spread throughout the restaurant was satisfying, and the employees didn’t look like a frumpy mess in their hats and aprons (very impressive). Incorporating cute uniforms is never a waste of time — look awesome, make awesome food. Simple.

Pieology emphasizes creativity when it comes to making their pizzas. Their assembly-line-style ordering system, similar to a Chipotle,  allows customers to personalize their pizzas with a plethora of sauce and topping options.

Walking up to the counter was a little overwhelming as I was prompted with questions I had never before considered when ordering pizza. My favorite question was in regards to the type of butter I wanted my dough to be brushed with for that “extra crunch” upon baking.

Turpin Junior Olivia Connaughton works at Pieology and said, “Overall, I really like working at Pieology! Ever since we opened we have basically been busy every day, which at times can be stressful, but it’s fun when you get to interact with all of the people that come in.”

Along with Connaughton, there are lots of other Turpin faces that can be seen working at Pieology. Junior Samantha Galarza and Sophomore Olivia Zins are also on the pizza-making team. It seems to be an enjoyable work environment, as they all seem to value conversing with and serving their customers.
Great service makes for a great restaurant and on these terms, Pieology did not disappoint. I would definitely recommend Pieology to those looking for something new and refreshing.

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