The Cincinnati Reds are currently 5-4, to the surprise of many baseball fans. This is a far different year for the Reds compared to last year, and they’re almost entirely dependent on the play of rookies. This offseason and the trade deadline last season took away two of their starting pitchers, Johnny Cueto and Mike Leake, and the loss of their famous closer, Aroldis Chapman. Among dozens of other pitching spots, and arguably the best third basemen in the league, Todd Frazier, the Reds were not looking good. Frazier was traded to the White Sox after the season, to the dismay of thousands of fans.


Eve with these commotions, they still manage to pull second in their division, one game behind the Chicago Cubs, and third in the entire National League (NL). There are many causes that could point to for this outcome, but the main one is definitely that the Reds are getting the hits the fans have been looking for.


Eugenio Suarez, their third basemen who played most of  last season, playing shortstop after Zack Cozart’s injury, is doing what everyone expected to, he is hitting a .370 batting average through the first seven games and has four home runs. He’s fourteenth in the league in the batting average statistic, behind Yasiel Puig, and second in home runs, behind rookie phenomenon Trevor Story. Jay Bruce is also getting into the action outside of the month of May: he’s tied for fourth in the league in Runs Batted In (RBI) tied with Paul Goldschmidt, the 1st basemen of the Diamondbacks.


The Reds are also doing well on the defensive side of the ball. Having one of the lowest earned run average among all national league teams, the pitching staff is keeping runs off the board like it’s their job. While they’ve had a little trouble in their relief pitching, their starters Brandon Finnegan and Rasiel Iglesias are having outstanding years; Finnegan with a 2.84 ERA through two games, and Iglesias with a 2.31 ERA through two games.


The Reds are busting out all of the stops and doing everything they can for their favorite fans. The Reds are full of young stars who are showing Major League Baseball that they’re ready for the big leagues and are taking it by storm.
The city of Cincinnati loves its hometown team and is as hopeful as any other city that this could be their year to do something.

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