This week  is one of Turpin’s most exciting ones: AIR testing week. And by exciting, I mean dreaded.


AIR Testing is one of Ohio’s standardized tests. It tests students on mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science. Freshman and sophomore students at Turpin will be required to take these test, while upperclassmen get the luxury of getting two hour delays.


While the upperclassmen are anticipating their extra hours of sleep, the underclassmen are not looking forward to the next upcoming days.


Sophomore Nate Braun not only wants more sleep like the upperclassmen, but thinks that the AIR testing is unfair.  “I believe that AIR testing is a superficial way for the school district to receive reputability at the expense of students. Instead of graduation being based on these tests that our curriculum isn’t even based around, I believe it should be based solely on our grades and not standardized tests,” Braun said.


Since the class of 2017 was the last class to take the Ohio Graduation Test, everyone now has to take AIR tests to see if they are eligible for graduation. However, while many students report that that OGT is not that difficult, many students say that the AIR tests are extremely hard.


“I took the AIR tests last year as well, and they were impossible. Every one of my friends complained about how hard it was, but none of my friends who took the OGTs complained about how hard it was. I just don’t think it’s fair,” Braun continued.

Students alike think that AIR testing is overly difficult and unfair, and they don’t like any aspect of it. Hopefully underclassmen will be able to survive the next week.

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